Eur Ing Laurence Pratt

Trustee Board Secretary

B.Eng (Hons), MEng, C.Eng, FICE, FSLIE, FCIHT

Laurence Pratt’s career as a civil engineer spans over 35 years. He is a co-founder, past Chairman and current Trustee Board Secretary of Engineers for Change (Sierra Leone) – EfCSL.

Since the formation of EfCSL, he has worked with the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK) to re-establish the role of the ICE Country Representative for Sierra Leone. Additionally, he has been involved with fundraising and donation projects to support engineering education in Sierra Leone.

Laurence Pratt has presented technical papers to the International Roads Federation and the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers conferences respectively. He is particularly committed to increasing the awareness of and pride in professional engineering institutions amongst engineering students and graduate engineers.