Sustainable Practices in Sierra Leone’s Mining Sector

Publication Number: RoTAP001

Book Cover: Sustainable Practices in Sierra Leone’s Mining Sector
Part of the SLIE conference series:

A discussion paper on sustainable practices in Sierra Leone's mining sector presented June 20-22, 2012 - Biennial Conference of Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers.

We are working a sustainable Sierra Leone by applying our engineering and technical experience, knowledge and ideas.


There is growing pressure for the less developed countries to adopt sustainable practices that are considered uneconomical and unproven. Sustainable practices that deliver business objectives are key for Sierra Leone to have a lasting legacy from the country’s wealth in natural mineral resources. The mining companies have the capacity and potential to support the Government of Sierra Leone in providing the required training and development for engineers, technician and artisans and to promote the development of sustainable local communities. Legislations are in place to facilitate such arrangements, e.g. through fiscal incentives.
The areas of priority that are considered relevant to enhancing sustainable practices in Sierra Leone’s mining sector are:

  • successful engagement and involvement of stakeholders
  • drafting, monitoring and enforcement of concessions and contracts issued to mining companies
  • managing and mitigating damage to the environment and ecology.