EfCSL donates over 400 books across Freetown

In January 2016, EfCSL Trustee Maria Whitmore embarked on a number of activities in Freetown, Sierra Leone on behalf of the charity. This was further to promote the charity’s objectives and vision. Below is a brief synopsis of the activities undertaken:

Maria Whitmore donating books from EfCSL across Freetown in January 2016.

Tuesday 19 January 2016: over 150 business administration, management and strategy textbooks were donated to Njala University, (member of the University of Sierra Leone) at their Freetown campus. The books were presented to a cross-section of staff and students at the library. In receiving the books, Mrs Sesay, Campus Librarian, said: “the donation could not have come at a better time when our libraries are so desperately in need of relevant reading materials”.


Wednesday 20 January 2016: over 200 medical textbooks and periodicals were then donated to the College of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences (COHMAS), (a member of the University of Sierra Leone) at the Freetown office. The books were presented to Dr Samai, the Provost and a cross-section of his staff. Mr Turner, the Acting Deputy Registrar noted the college’s appreciation for the efforts made by EfCSL in securing, shipping and donating the books to the college in Freetown.


Books, books and more books.

Wednesday 20 January 2016: A small consignment of project management and procurement books, together with professional magazines were donated to the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) (a member of the University of Sierra Leone) at their Tower Hill campus. Mrs Conteh-Morgan, Campus Librarian and Deputy University Librarian, accepted the donations on behalf of IPAM. She stated that “Gestures such as yours have been the main method of acquiring print materials for our library over the years”.


Thursday 21 January 2016: Tunnelling and grouting software and booklets were finally donated to the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers (SLIE). In receiving the packages, Mr Wilhelm, Executive Secretary stated that students and practitioners will use the software to update their skills and knowledge.

All four recipients were very appreciative of the donations and reiterated their desire to receive continuing support from EfCSL.